Thursday, February 28, 2008

YAY! 2 lbs GONE!

Yesterday, I weighed myself like normal, well, okay sometimes my mornings are too hectic to remember! BUT yesterday I remembered, and I'm very glad I did because I LOST 2 lbs!!!! Thank God! I've been at my "plateau" of only losing 2lbs since jan 1st...since jan 8th maybe!?!? :S Although I did kinda give up, or not really give up just take a break from working majorly hard at losing the weight! So now I'm back on track!

Today I only got in one workout this morning, but I have started trying to squeeze in more strength and cardio bursts (like pretending to jump rope or some stairs) for just a few mins, and I've done some of that this afternoon! And I limited myself to ONE piece of pizza tonight! Very good for me! I def. want to encourage you to try the cardio and strength "snacks" :D throughout your day, I'm hoping all the calories I burn doing those will offset some of my snacking cals!

Happy Health,


Jessica said...

That's cool that you have a fitness blog too! I enjoy fitness a lot, though I sadly haven't written about it specifically of late, considering anything about fitness just kind of turns up in my other blog. Thanks for coming to my blog though...I appreciate people who have as much enthusiasm about fitness as I do!!