Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weeks Goals

On sunday I came up with my 2 goals for the week! Goal 1= At least 200+ mins of cardio and 100+ mins of strength, weights, pilates, yoga, etc! I think I'm already at 130mins total! Pretty good! (100 of that is cardio! Half way there and its TUES! YAY!) And Goal 2 has a story! I was in my local grocery store looking at its VERY small meal replacement and protein bar section, when I looked up at a shelf I've seen one hundred times before!?!? And noticed low fat chocolate soy milk in a box thingy! So I decided to try it!!!!! I LOVED regular chocolate soy milk, but gave it up shortly after giving up coffee this fall. Mostly because I put it in my coffee, and it was high in cals & sugar. Now I'm back to coffee and soy milk! Only I don't have 1+ cups EVERY morning, more like a few times a week, and I only put about 1/2 teaspoon of sugar in it, almost BLACK! :) And My GOAL this week was to trade my treats for a cup of soy milk. Since it's only 70 cals and has protein in it, I figured it would be more filling than a square (or 4) of dark chocolate, maybe, at least it would be chocolate with less cals, and still kinda healthy. Well....I forgot about it till last night, and I also temp. forgot this afternoon after my pre-workout fruit parfait thing! oops!

Updates on workouts!
Sunday: about 20 mins of kickboxing (a dvd)
Monday: Am before school-20 mins of elliptical
After School- nice out so I went for a run about 30mins
Today: Am-Pilates about 25-30mins
After School-started out with a kickboxing dvd (recorded from tv! lol) but realized I'd done it too many times, and it was too easy! So stopped and did my own workout :S so about 30 mins of kickboxing and some ab work on my stability ball.
I now need to get a new kickboxing dvd (any suggestions?) And get some sleep! I think I might be fighting off a cold, I'm pooped and I only stayed up till 10 last night, which is earlier than last week, and usually normal for me! I just realized monday night that 9 should be my new "bed time"! I feel tons better in the morning!

Good Luck,