Thursday, February 28, 2008

YAY! 2 lbs GONE!

Yesterday, I weighed myself like normal, well, okay sometimes my mornings are too hectic to remember! BUT yesterday I remembered, and I'm very glad I did because I LOST 2 lbs!!!! Thank God! I've been at my "plateau" of only losing 2lbs since jan 1st...since jan 8th maybe!?!? :S Although I did kinda give up, or not really give up just take a break from working majorly hard at losing the weight! So now I'm back on track!

Today I only got in one workout this morning, but I have started trying to squeeze in more strength and cardio bursts (like pretending to jump rope or some stairs) for just a few mins, and I've done some of that this afternoon! And I limited myself to ONE piece of pizza tonight! Very good for me! I def. want to encourage you to try the cardio and strength "snacks" :D throughout your day, I'm hoping all the calories I burn doing those will offset some of my snacking cals!

Happy Health,

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Weeks Goals

On sunday I came up with my 2 goals for the week! Goal 1= At least 200+ mins of cardio and 100+ mins of strength, weights, pilates, yoga, etc! I think I'm already at 130mins total! Pretty good! (100 of that is cardio! Half way there and its TUES! YAY!) And Goal 2 has a story! I was in my local grocery store looking at its VERY small meal replacement and protein bar section, when I looked up at a shelf I've seen one hundred times before!?!? And noticed low fat chocolate soy milk in a box thingy! So I decided to try it!!!!! I LOVED regular chocolate soy milk, but gave it up shortly after giving up coffee this fall. Mostly because I put it in my coffee, and it was high in cals & sugar. Now I'm back to coffee and soy milk! Only I don't have 1+ cups EVERY morning, more like a few times a week, and I only put about 1/2 teaspoon of sugar in it, almost BLACK! :) And My GOAL this week was to trade my treats for a cup of soy milk. Since it's only 70 cals and has protein in it, I figured it would be more filling than a square (or 4) of dark chocolate, maybe, at least it would be chocolate with less cals, and still kinda healthy. Well....I forgot about it till last night, and I also temp. forgot this afternoon after my pre-workout fruit parfait thing! oops!

Updates on workouts!
Sunday: about 20 mins of kickboxing (a dvd)
Monday: Am before school-20 mins of elliptical
After School- nice out so I went for a run about 30mins
Today: Am-Pilates about 25-30mins
After School-started out with a kickboxing dvd (recorded from tv! lol) but realized I'd done it too many times, and it was too easy! So stopped and did my own workout :S so about 30 mins of kickboxing and some ab work on my stability ball.
I now need to get a new kickboxing dvd (any suggestions?) And get some sleep! I think I might be fighting off a cold, I'm pooped and I only stayed up till 10 last night, which is earlier than last week, and usually normal for me! I just realized monday night that 9 should be my new "bed time"! I feel tons better in the morning!

Good Luck,

Friday, February 22, 2008

Gabby Reece healthy eating

Treats, treats and...ohh no!

This week is vacation week, which adds up to 2 birthdays, and too many sweets at family dinners! Today I've done pretty well with my hour long cardio workout! I promised myself an hour of elliptical/treadmill, which I did! YES! Actually I warmed up with some jump rope, 1-2-3 crunches on the stability ball, and push ups, so maybe even an hour and 10 mins!?!? Not bad, if I do say so myself! lol Only problem is, I'm a little afraid of the scale at this point, because of my snacking the last few days! :S And today my sister and mom decided to get Chinese for lunch....I was good and had an apple with cinnamon and nutmeg on it, and a very small plate of fried rice and noodles w/ duck sauce! Still....I probably shouldn't have!

I REALLY need to rein in my eating, I think thats my biggest road block. I'll eat really healthy for a few days, then one day have WAY to many treats. Then eat uber healthy, and have too much chocolate the next day! Its a bad cycle! But I do have to say the 4-5 meals a day has curbed my snacking! And I used to snack....a lot! So now I must tackle the treats, or more like balance them!?!? Anyone have any ideas? I would love some tips on this, I'm at a loss!!!!

{Also I'm going to post a youtube video of Gabby Reece, the pro-volleyball player, talking about eating healthy as she goes through her fridge! Actually there are 3 videos, but for now I'll just post the fridge one!}

Don't forget to~Live, Laugh & Love


Thursday, February 21, 2008

One too many splurges!

Last night it all started with pizza, I had 4 pieces of a small pizza, which was at least one too many, if not 2 too many! Not good! And then today, I spent some time with my fam, and also some cookies, an ice cream cone thing, baked beans which I'm sure had sugar & other not that healthy things in them! And then tonight I had homemade chicken soup-pretty healthy, but then I had a small slice of my dads bday ice cream cake, even a small slice was probably too much since I'd already had cookies & ice cream! Ohh well! This morning I jumped rope & did some strength moves from SELF mag, for about 30 mins, about 300 cals, so over all I don't think my sugary overload today did a lot of damage! I want to keep up the jumping rope, its good cardio, good for speed, I think?, and burns a lot of cals! But I am NOT good at all! In fact, I theorize my elementary school gym teacher hated me because I couldn't jump rope and was too scared to try most of her gymnastic routines! :S lol Tomorrow I'm going to spread my 4 meals out a little better, with less, WAY less sugar and chocolate! I know my weekend will prob. be crazy, so I'll cut back tomorrow. And hopefully make it outside for a run, even though snow is in the forecast! Good Luck guys! Don't forget to comment!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tea anyone?

Yes, I'm 17, and yes I watch Oprah! I love Oprah & Dr. Oz! Dr. Oz talks about green & white teas! I have never actually tried white tea, its on my to-do list! But I've been drinking green tea for a few years, its full of anti-oxidants & I've read numorus articles on how it can boost your metabolism! Yay! I'm not sure if it works, since I have been drinking it for a year or 2. But maybe drinking more tea, and also limiting calories & eating healthier it will pay off! Just today I've had at least 3 cups! If it doesn't help me lose weight, I still think the anti-oxidants help make my skin look great & help protect me from diseases! I'm still a fan! Does anyone know if White Tea boosts your metabolism too?


Happy Weight

Recently I've read a few magazines, including Self & Glamour, talking about finding your happy weight. That really jumped out at me. To me my happy weight will be the weight where I feel great 98% of the time, where athletics is easier for me on a fitness & strength level, where my clothes fit & I don't have the fitting room meltdown EVERYTIME I go shopping, just occasionaly! lol There my weight and health won't be in issue for me in everyday life, I won't worry about it as much. Where I won't have to workout for 3 hours everday, and count EVERY calorie. I'll be able to have treats almost everyday, and fit workouts into my schedule, workouts I LOVE! If you're with me, let me know! Leave me a comment & the link to your site if you have one! Hey, we can be in the together!

Live, Laugh, Love