Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Summer-The time of beaches and swimming!

I have a new found love for swimming, not really laps per se-but fun swimming with friends and family! I consider it a mini workout! Close enough for me! Anyway, I was just reading the new issue of SHAPE and there was a pole of summer swim wear almost half the people said bikini while 1% more people (13%) said they never get in a swimsuit while 12% said they wear a one piece!

Now, maybe its the peace and love I've found during my happyweight journey, or just being tired of wearing a one piece and hating it-I now wear a bikini when ever possible!!!! Yes my abs are flatter and I'm skinnier and ya ya. But just last week I watched Sam Brown on the Travel Channel, she was in Brazil! Hello their biggest exports are gorgeous models and actors/actresses but still, EVERYONE (except Grandmas, said the tour guide lady) wears a bikini! And that even elevated my 2-piece liberation. Hell yes I wear a bikini and I think everyone should! At least a tankini that shows a sliver of skin. Seriously hiding under a one piece (okay they do have the ones with cutouts that can be very sexy so those don't count as one-pieces really) is HIDING your body, the one you work hard for, you work out and work at eating healthy-show it off and LOVE IT! No matter what it looks like!

Thats my 2 cents for summer fashion! lol

Do what you love, love what you do- The Life Is Good company slogan! I say AMEN!