Friday, February 22, 2008

Treats, treats and...ohh no!

This week is vacation week, which adds up to 2 birthdays, and too many sweets at family dinners! Today I've done pretty well with my hour long cardio workout! I promised myself an hour of elliptical/treadmill, which I did! YES! Actually I warmed up with some jump rope, 1-2-3 crunches on the stability ball, and push ups, so maybe even an hour and 10 mins!?!? Not bad, if I do say so myself! lol Only problem is, I'm a little afraid of the scale at this point, because of my snacking the last few days! :S And today my sister and mom decided to get Chinese for lunch....I was good and had an apple with cinnamon and nutmeg on it, and a very small plate of fried rice and noodles w/ duck sauce! Still....I probably shouldn't have!

I REALLY need to rein in my eating, I think thats my biggest road block. I'll eat really healthy for a few days, then one day have WAY to many treats. Then eat uber healthy, and have too much chocolate the next day! Its a bad cycle! But I do have to say the 4-5 meals a day has curbed my snacking! And I used to snack....a lot! So now I must tackle the treats, or more like balance them!?!? Anyone have any ideas? I would love some tips on this, I'm at a loss!!!!

{Also I'm going to post a youtube video of Gabby Reece, the pro-volleyball player, talking about eating healthy as she goes through her fridge! Actually there are 3 videos, but for now I'll just post the fridge one!}

Don't forget to~Live, Laugh & Love