Thursday, February 21, 2008

One too many splurges!

Last night it all started with pizza, I had 4 pieces of a small pizza, which was at least one too many, if not 2 too many! Not good! And then today, I spent some time with my fam, and also some cookies, an ice cream cone thing, baked beans which I'm sure had sugar & other not that healthy things in them! And then tonight I had homemade chicken soup-pretty healthy, but then I had a small slice of my dads bday ice cream cake, even a small slice was probably too much since I'd already had cookies & ice cream! Ohh well! This morning I jumped rope & did some strength moves from SELF mag, for about 30 mins, about 300 cals, so over all I don't think my sugary overload today did a lot of damage! I want to keep up the jumping rope, its good cardio, good for speed, I think?, and burns a lot of cals! But I am NOT good at all! In fact, I theorize my elementary school gym teacher hated me because I couldn't jump rope and was too scared to try most of her gymnastic routines! :S lol Tomorrow I'm going to spread my 4 meals out a little better, with less, WAY less sugar and chocolate! I know my weekend will prob. be crazy, so I'll cut back tomorrow. And hopefully make it outside for a run, even though snow is in the forecast! Good Luck guys! Don't forget to comment!