Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Goes good till 5!

What I mean by the title is I seem to be on a major health track until dinner, then I eat at least an extra half a serving of everything! And then from there I snack a lot, I am a victim of night time munchies. Granted I have probably cut my munching in half, and I'm still coming in under 2,000 calories most days. Maybe I'm coming in too far under 2000 calories since I'm working out hard with track practice everyday?

I have kept up with my food journal this week-I think its because I've made it less of a hit or miss thing. Making it less stressful has made it easier in the long run. Check websites like these:

  • for calorie counters, recipes, an online food log, forums, and tons of other workout and health stuff!
  • for workouts and health related calculators, like BMI, calories burned in a workout, etc.
  • recipes, workouts (build a workout video!), tons of articles, a printable food log, calorie counters for workouts and foods, create your own diet plan, and a special "see yourself 20lbs thinner" visual motivation tool!
  • its a blog with many posts each day on workouts, equipment, celeb workout tips, food info, etc. This website also has printable food & workout logs!

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. Think ahead. Be clear about your goal. Plan to make it real." -Dr Pamela Peeke!