Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Crazy Healthy Eating Strategies!?

Recently I read in a magazine how a celeb eats 80% fruits and veggies and 20% protein OR whole grains! It most definitely works for them, but for most people I think that's a little EXTREME! I know I couldn't do it at every meal, day in and day out, or even MOST meals. So I've been trying to have at least 50% of my meal in veggies or fruits. Its been working pretty well...a great tip I love to use is when I'm at a restaurant, say Pizza Hut, I'll most definitely have the salad bar first then go for the pizza and bread sticks (my FAV!) use the low fat dressing and I like to forgo croutons for the sun flower seeds, less empty calories but still crunchy! Also a trick I heard was to put the salad dressing on another plate or bowl and dip your salad & fork into it. I tried it with the 2 cap fulls of fatty Caesar I usually use, and I used less than one cap full! Really does work! Or use the salad spritzer sprays! I love those, infact, I used one today! Anyway, my point is is fill up on something like fruits, veggies, or soup before you go all out on meat, bread or desserts. Your body will thank you!

The greatest achievements were at first and for a time dreams. The oak sleeps in the acorn. -James Allen

Live Laugh Love~ Ash!