Saturday, May 17, 2008

My summer goals!

Things have been so crazy with school work piling up, track heated up quite a bit, and crazy family and friend time!!!! But this summer I have a built in healthy step to take (literally) I'm planning on walking to work, to friend houses, to stores, and anywhere else I can walk within reason! Now I haven't really tested this, so I may not walk everyday! I'm planning on it for 2 reasons though! 1. Hello-mini workout! A mile here and there will seriously add up! Because I will find summery ways to stay in fab shape! I'm excited to start kickboxing on a regular bases after tracks over!!! YAY! and 2. I'm definitely not a tree hugger, but I am concerned about the environment, and walking/biking (maybe) to places I'd normally drive will be my 2 cents for the environment! That and recycling as much as possible, which I do already!

I am really excited for summer! I'm going to try to swim for some of my workouts, and hike! I love to hike so working that in my summer shape up will be a treat! Maybe even some beach volleyball or Frisbee! Who knows! Its summer! But the most important thing for me is to finally find my happy weight and have a VERY funny summer! I am really really looking forward to fun in the sun, while getting in even better shape for sports next year! :D Wow! I was having a stressful night, but thinking of summer made me smile too much!

How many charming talents have been spoiled by the instilled desire to do 'important' work! Some people are born to lift heavy weights. Some are born to juggle with golden balls. -Max Beerbohm (I enjoy this, it touches on a lot that's been going on lately!)

Live, Laugh, Love! Summers coming!