Saturday, May 24, 2008

Even with all the craziness....

I'm thinking things with calm down after this week, or maybe next week! I've got a plan for this summer-including walking almost everywhere (healthy and ecofriendly!), eating really fresh foods, and cooking more, a goal is to have very active weekends so I don't have to do a straight up workout. I can burn calories w/o feeling the workout drag, definitly not cool on weekends right?! Also drink tons of water!!!! Thats been a huge help this week, I think its really worked good for my body. I haven't weight myself but I feel great and I noticed my energy sinks when I haven't had a lot of water that day! Also I'm going to do the Self Jump Start diet! The one with the calender and something new to try every day. I did it last winter and lost a few pounds so it definitly works. I may do the old one that I tried last year, and the 2.0 version from this year! One after the other I could loose around 16 pounds over the summer, I'm ALL FOR THAT!

In a nut shell, this summer I want to be a little greener and way more active! My hopes are that adding in activity when ever I can will help keep me healthy and help me find (and then stay at) my happy weight. And trying the day-by-day tips of the Jump Start diet(s) will help me get even healthier diet wise, also I'm going to make up more recipies!!!! Like the southwestern bean, corn, and chicken soup I threw together the other day! :D

The greatest wealth is health. ~Virgil

Good Luck guys!