Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Back on track!

Writing down my little health victories at the end of each day is something I started a few months ago, but stopped! Lately I've been very much off track. I've been traveling the last 4 or 5 weekends! So its been a lot of fast food, and last weekend we stayed overnight so that equaled EXTRA fast food (for 2 days!) including a buffet! :S Plus I was PMSing! So I REALLY need to get back on track! I realized this after I weighed myself (for the 1st time in a week or 2) this morning and I was 163! :l I could NOT believe it, but I haven't been eating healthy and most of my workouts have been less than sweaty! But I'm back!

As you've probably figured out, I read A LOT of fitness magazines! And the other day I was reading an article that summarized a study of people who've lost weight, more kept it off by weighing themselves every morning because it reminds them to make healthier choices throughout the day. But I've always heard women who say they hardly ever weight themselves, they gauge how they feel and how their clothes fit, or their training and times, etc. Well I did find out today that not weighing myself for a while is BAD for me, but every morning is hard because I forget a lot, or if I don't like the number, it can kill my day! So I'm going to try to find a happy medium, maybe weighing myself every other morning, or like 2 specific mornings a week and trying to NOT let it negatively affect my mood. And I'm also thinking one day a week I'll try on my really cute, yet really tight GAP jeans and see how they fit! Maybe a combination of tactics will help keep me on track! I definitely need more motivation from somewhere! (Ohh! Try on my swimsuit once a week & maybe take pics for evidence good or bad!?!?)

What do you do to stay motivated? Let me know!