Saturday, June 21, 2008

I might sound crazy, but keep reading!

The reason for sounding crazy, or crazier than usual, would be because I've recently picked up a copy of "The Secret" and watched the movie online. There is a chapter about loosing weight. You really SHOULD read it, trust me it all sounds crazy and new-aged at 1st but give it a chance and you'll be floored! I promise!

I know this 1st hand, because last night before I went to bed I decided I was going to weigh my self this morning, before I ate like normal. Only I decided I was going to weigh 156! That's right I decided 10 hours before I actually weighed myself what I was going to weigh!!! I pictured myself at my happy weight, I pictured a bunch of different scales with 156 on it and I felt success and happiness for the weight lost and fitness gained! TA-DA! I actually worked! And trust me I haven't been at my healthiest lately. Yesterday I ate a bunch of onion rings and chocolate!

But I do have a theory as to this whole thing. I think picturing yourself at your happy weight, feeling strong, powerful, sexy and successful, and believing in yourself, makes healthy habits more automatic. The key is to believe your already there, fit and healthy. The book actually says don't weight yourself, believe you have already lost the weight and always, always think positively! Well I can't not weigh myself, for one I wanted the proof it works, and for two I think it still plays a role in being healthy, even though I love feeling awesome more! Even though I've been eating not so great stuff, I have gone for runs, even if I didn't get to them in the morning! Like today, I didn't go for a run till 1 or 2 in the afternoon, I planned on going as early as possible! Ha! But hey it still happened! That's the important thing, it makes you think like a fit health and strong person, you don't feel "fat and ugly". So you don't feel the need to drown your sorrows in ice cream and crap!

I sound crazy more often than not, but trust me on this! Give it a try for a few weeks, read the book and/or watch the movie. You can even youtube it! If you try it send me some updates!

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." -Martin Luther King, Jr.